Finding a name with Namefruits:

  •  Give some details of your project as well as your goals and requirements for the name you are looking for
  •  Select the best keywords, which Namefruit uses to create our naming ideas
  •  Award points to the range of naming proposals
  •  Pick out your favorites and progress your project with an unmistakable, well-thought-out name

At Namefruits, there is only one price to find the right name for your project.
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Business naming

for businesses and startups

This is how Namefruits supports you along the road to finding the right business name. 

  •  Kick off with no training needed, thanks to Namefruits' easy-to-use, step-by-step process
  •  Super chilled: there's no need to be creative or eloquent
  •  Unique artificial intelligence for word analysis and name formation
  •  Extensive naming validation, e.g., for available domains and registered trademarks
  •  Smart checks to identify your favorite names
  •  NameReports with important information about the sound, suitability and availability of all your favorite names
  •  Play it safe: avoid common mistakes when choosing names
  •  Useful background information to make it easy to select a name
  •  Priceless: lay the foundations for a successful market launch
  •  Genuine time savings: find your desired name without endless research, brainstorming, and debates!
$99 *