Namefruits is a naming AI (Artificial Intelligence), which creates creative and individual business names for your project – thanks to sophisticated algorithms and fully automated processes. The intelligent system gets to know you and your project, creates suitable name proposals, examines them and suggests the best ideas for your name.

Naming with Namefruits is a sensation because it makes finding a strong company and product name easier than ever. Almost as intuitive as picking an apple. To find the perfect name for your project, you just answer simple multiple-choice questions. Namefruits takes care of the rest.

Understanding your project and your requirements, finding, examining and evaluating great name ideas – all these tasks are handled by Namefruits' innovative Artificial Intelligence. This means that the clever algorithms will find out, as if by magic, which name is the most promising for your project and which suits you best.

With the name generated by Namefruits, you can successfully launch your project.


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