How does the Name Ideas Guarantee work?

By searching with Namefruits you will be presented with many keywords and name ideas, and finally one or more favorite names that have been carefully prepared and checked to choose from.

If you feel that you need more input, or maybe start from scratch – no problem! Just keep in mind that it's worth it to get at least 30% project progress at Namefruits. Since your name profile is gradually built up with each of your answers, the name suggestions only really begin to get exciting after a certain point.

With Namefruits' Name Ideas Guarantee you can be sure that your money is well invested without any risk. If you are still not 100% happy after using Namefruits, we offer the following free options:

  • Start a fresh name finding project with Namefruits – for free.
  • Get 1 month of unlimited access to NameRobot Professional – Europe's most successful naming software.
    With NameRobot you can choose the name generators that you like best and very specifically choose how the name should look. Since you have already spent some time researching your name, this would be a great opportunity for more name ideas. Furthermore, you can use a quick domain and brand check on all names – wherever they are from – before you start.

You can redeem one of the two options within 14 days after your Namefruits order.

You can share with us which option you choose with our Name Ideas Guarantee. You only have to confirm that you still haven't found a name for your project.

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Do I have to have a subscription to Namefruits?

No, Namefruits is not a subscription and does not offer subscription functionality. You pay once only and get access to use the system for your naming project for as long as you want.

Even if Namefruits has already suggested name ideas for your project, you can continue to use the system. Simply answer more questions and generate even more appropriate names for your project.

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Is Namefruits expensive?

The cost of developing a name through a name agency can be as high as $10,000 to $20,000 or even more. That's a lot of money, but serious business owners are willing to invest these amounts. After all, the perfect name quickly recovers its costs – through more media attention, financial backers, and, last but not least, customers who care about the brand.

Nevertheless, as a startup or founder, that kind of financial resource may be beyond your initial reach, even if you were willing to invest it in the naming process. That's why Namefruits costs only a fraction of professional naming – while still providing comparable individual results.

How does it work? We have tapped into the knowledge accumulated by our experienced naming experts over the years, automated the whole process and developed our own naming AI. You save time and money – and get exclusive naming advice from an artificial intelligence. Pretty clever, right?

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