Namefruits terms explained

Juicer, NameReport, Power Checks & Co. – We explain the meaning behind these terms! Here you can find out more about the following topics:


What is the Namefruits NameReport?

The NameReport is a super useful tool to decide if your name idea is suitable for your project or business. You will receive it upon completion of the naming process with Namefruits. The NameReport lists the most important facts for your name idea in a concise PDF document.

The automatically generated document contains a uniqueness certificate for your name, a short overview, and a detailed list of all Power Checks with a an evaluation of the name's marketing opportunities.

You will reeive the NameReport automatically for all name ideas that you find with our naming AI and which have made it through your rating rounds.

The NameReport consists of three parts: 

  • Namefruits Guarantee*
  • Name Overview
  • Power Checks

Here you can download an example NameReport:


Download example NameReport


And what's next? At the end of the NameReport, Namefruits provides you with a variety of recommendations for your next steps. Here you'll find out more about:

  • How to register a domain
  • How to register a trademark
  • Where to design a logo

Legal note: The Namefruits checks and evaluation are for orientation and research purposes only. All check results are without guarantee and in no way replace professional legal advice, e.g. from a lawyer, before using the name.

The Namefruits guarantee assures the user that Namefruits will no longer suggest the name to another user. Namefruits will also not assert any claims against the user for the name created. The guarantee does not apply to any rights of third parties to the name. Here, too, it is the user's responsibility to have the name checked in a legally secure and expert manner, e.g. by a lawyer, before using it.

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What is the Namefruits Juicer?

"Juicer" is our name for the user interface which lets you interact with Namefruits' AI to find a name for you. We chose the name to complement "Namefruits": Just like a real-world juicer with fruits, the Namefruits Juicer processes words, letters and syllables into finished names. ;-)

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Namefruits guarantee

What does the Namefruits guarantee contain?

You will receive a guarantee after completing your naming with Namefruits. It states that your name has been created and reviewed by Namefruits' Naming-AI specifically for your project. Furthermore, the guarantee includes that you can use your name as you please and Namefruits will not claim any rights for the created name. You will also receive confirmation that your name will be personally reserved for you and will not be suggested to anyone else. *


* Note: The guarantee does not cover any rights of third parties to the name. It is the responsibility of the user, before using the name, to ensure no rights of third parties are violated. We strongly recommend consulting a lawyer specialized in trademark law.

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