Who owns the legal rights to the created names?

We, the operators of Namefruits, under no circumstances claim any rights to the names found using Namefruits. The protection of your chosen name goes even further as, in the future, no one else will ever receive this name idea as a suggestion or result when using Namefruits.

In addition, all of the suggested names Namefruits presents to you undergo numerous checks such as domain and brand checks. Should a name already be in use somewhere else, it will not be suggested to you.

However, it may come to pass that a name we propose already exists in a similar form. We therefore always recommend that you consult a trademark lawyer or another suitable authority before deciding on a name. 

It is your responsibility to check whether the rights of any third parties could be violated by using a name. Please also note our terms and conditions.

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Where do I find more information about data protection at Namefruits?

Security and confidentiality are important issues for any name finder, so we at Namefruits want to make sure you know why you can trust us with your personal and business data.

In our Privacy Policy you will find binding information on how we handle your data. In addition, our sister project's confidentiality manifesto for NameRobot informs you in detail and in plain language about our thoughts on the subject of data protection.

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Do Namefruits' staff have access to my personal data?

No staff member of Namefruits will ever view your personal data unless you authorize us to do so should it become necessary. For example, this may be the case during a support request.

Namefruits staff have no access to any passwords, as they are stored in an encrypted database.

We reserve the right to access the data generated by Namefruits' tools for statistical purposes. Any analysis is solely used to optimize Namefruits' algorithms and databases in order to provide better services for our users in the future.

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How can I be sure that Namefruits will keep my business idea secret?

We enter into non-disclosure agreements and will never share your details with anyone else without your prior knowledge. You can rely on that.

Bear in mind that we are often involved in projects that are still confidential in one way or another. If we were not cautious and discreet, we would quickly lose our reputation – not just with Namefruits but also with our sister projects NameRobot Toolbox and Flying Names.

If you still have concerns, you need not give us a detailed description of your plans; should you truly have a new invention or a plan that no-one can be allowed to find out about, simply provide us with an outline.

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