What can the Namefruits AI do?

Namefruits' AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) can...

  • recognize which kind of name best fits your project, e.g. a newly created word or a descriptive name.
  • recognize which naming style you like best, e.g. super-creative or serious and down to earth.
  • calculate a specific value that indicates how good your chosen name is.
  • perform appropriate name checks, e.g. domain and brand checks to protect your name.
  • learn more about your project and form new ideas thanks to deep learning.
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What happens behind the scenes at Namefruits?

Namefruits is a complex system that gets to know you and your project via a dynamic questionnaire (called "Juicer"). It automates the naming processs step by step.

  1. You answer general questions about your project and help Namefruits identify matching keywords and preferences.
  2. The system internally creates a collection of keywords and preferences
  3. Namefruits' unique NameCreator algorithm develops the first name suggestions for you.
  4. You can rate all name ideas and specify which directions and name components you like and which you don't.
  5. Steps 2 to 4 are repeated automatically until you have a list of at least three names that are suitable for you.
  6. Now it gets serious: Your best-rated names are matched against each other to create a ranking of your favorite names.
  7. All your favorite names are thoroughly tested: Namefruits rates all name ideas with our unique NameChecker algorithm. 

Namefruits also performs the following checks:

  • Which domains are free?
  • Are there any identically named brands?
  • Is the name already in use on social networks or appstores?
  • Are there any swear words hidden in the name?
  • How many results do the major search engines already have for your name?

Upon completing Namefruits, you will have a selection of name ideas that perfectly fit your project.

For each name you get a comprehensive name report with a wide range of additional background information:

  • Where does your name come from?
  • How was it rated?
  • Which checks did it pass, and with what score?

Once you have decided on a name, your naming journey is finished and you can finally start your project. If you're not sure yet, you can just keep going and receive more names suggestions until you're happy with the results.

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Is a domain really available if it is shown as available in the final name overview?

Namefruits' internal domain check works very reliably. The domains listed as available are so 99% of the time.

Occasionally, though, a domain is listed as free, even though it is not. This can happen if e.g. a domain is still locked after a deletion or has not yet been connected. In addition, some domains are not registered at all and are therefore listed as unregistered domains.

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What is the difference between "I don't like any of these answers" and "Skip question"?

When answering most questions on the Namefruits' questionnaire you will have the choice between several options, two of them being "I don't like any of these answers" and "Skip question". These two options have a small but subtle difference:

If you choose "I don't like any of these answers", Namefruits rates this as a statement of your preferences for the desired naming style. Namefruits then tries to generate other names for you that are different in style from those mentioned in the question.

If you choose "Skip question", Namefruits will not draw any conclusions. The question is treated as if it did not exist. So if you just do not like a question or you do not feel like answering it, this would be the option to choose.

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