How long does it take to find a name with Namefruits?

Take some time to answer the questions so that Namefruits can get to know your project and your "style" in the best possible way. Because with every answer that Namefruits gets from you, your results will be better.

You can expect the first name ideas after only 15 minutes. To optimize the results, you should plan at least a few hours. What a time saving compared to most business naming quests without intelligent support, – they usually take several weeks!

Take breaks if you want or continue the naming on a different day. Your answers will be stored safely in your account and will not be lost.

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How does finding a name with Namefruits work?

Naming with Namefruits is really simple: just answer questions about your project and your ideas about the name you are looking for. The Namefruits algorithm does all the work and generates suitable names for you. You decide which name ideas you like and which do not suit you.

There is no right or wrong – just answer according to your feelings. If you cannot or do not want to answer a question, you can skip it. If an answer is particularly important to you, you can award a star to give it a higher weighting.

Brilliant: Learning to use Namefruits takes no effort at all! Just let yourself be guided by our autoamated naming process – one step at a time.

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Do I get just a name and nothing else as a result?

Namefruits gives you more than "just" the name for your project. 

The core of Namefruits is the development of a name which is individually tailored to you and your project. But that's not all, because in the course of finding a name we collect a lot of information that we do not want to withhold from you.

Therefore, Namefruits also provides you with:

  • Namefruits certificate: This guarantees you that you can use all names suggested by Namefruits as you wish. It also guarantees that your chosen name is personally reserved for you and that it hasn't been proposed to anyone else. *
  • Important facts and background information about your name
  • Overview of important quality checks for your name
  • Further tips with next steps on trademark registration, logo design, and so on

* Make sure that no older rights are violated before deciding on using a name. We recommend consulting a trademark attorney.

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Are there any alternatives to Namefruits for finding a professional business name?

Finding a name with Namefruits is very simple: you only have to answer easy questions and get beautiful and suitable name suggestions.

But maybe you want to start tinkering on your own or would rather like professionals to take care of finding your name. If that's the case, there are alternatives to Namefruits for finding a professional business or brand name:

  • NameRobot Toolbox: The extensive web-software for the generation of business names, created by the team behind NameRobot, the largest portal on the subject of professional naming in the DACH area, is our well-established sister project for creatives. Under the hood of Namefruits, there is a lot of NameRobot technology. So if you want direct access to the name generators working behind the scenes at Namefruits, then NameRobot's Toolbox is for you!
  • Flying Names: This Brand Naming Service is a smart online naming service provider that you can use to outsource the entire creative process. A short questionnaire is enough and the well-rehearsed name finder team develops individual name suggestions at agency quality for a small price. Perfect for founders and startups who are planning big things and have no time to spend on naming.
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